Idur, my Scandinavian elf

This is Idur, and an attempt to draw the Scandinavian elves. She’s a mixture of acrylic paint and photo layered together. There’s some digital lines too. The background forest (which is hard to make out) is from the forest pond where we filmed the art video to “I’m still wondering”. One chapter merges into another, little pieces of the past fitting themselves into the present. 

I created Idur over a year ago, and a large canvas of her hangs on my inspirational wall in our living room. She watches me, and there’s this hint of a smile. Finally, finally, I’m setting her free. I always knew I wanted to make an art print to let her travel the world and find the people who need her on their inspiration wall too, and I love that she’s on the cover art to “You’re ashes and fire”.

What message does Idur convey to you? What says her eyes? What says her almost-smile? She’s the veils, and she’s inspiration. And she’s yours if you want her.

Elves and veils,

P.S. Idur art prints and merch will be available in the Enchanted Duo shop by the end of September 2022.