Into the forest looking for adventures

Music needs roots, a thick durable trunk and a canopy that reaches the stars – because music is where we come from, where we’re standing, and our dreams combined.

But music doesn’t fit into the rat race – in fact, creativity doesn’t fit into the hustle culture, and so, we decided to make room for music – for dreams. We started our own company, consulting part time because we still need the buckets for the funding of our dreams – but most importantly, we’ve made time to breathe, to think, to exist and to make dreams come true – big and small, old and new.

You never know what you will find until you find it – or perhaps, truer yet, until it finds you – life and its serendipity patterns.

Twenty years ago, we made music in the kitchen, Cubase and Nicko’s electric guitar our faithful companions. The songs over the years are a flora of acoustic, dreamy pop, progressive rock and experiments where the album Explorers marks the end of attempting to mix our own music.

Returning to the roots – the Swedish forests and its myth – Werifesteria enchants us onwards. Older, hopefully a little wiser, the hustle game having hardened us and taught us patience – and the necessary sense of humour – we’re empowered by the many collaborations this new album tosses our way. To delegate with a clear framework, but at the same time also allowing the other person space for creativity is our moto. This is how we love to work – and perhaps one of the keystones in working with the Werifesteria album. To trust and respect. Alone in the dark forest at night you need to trust and respect. And we love hearing back from our Werifesteria friends about their positive experience – how working with this project also give them something extra in return.

So, what have we found?

A sustainable process of working with our songs.

The opposite of the rat race, but in a productive way. It’s not about finishing one album and then start the next – it’s about letting each song mould through its seasons – allowing the creative life to be a constant and a cycle. To leave room for thought and all the up there ideas we want to try.

A sound that feels just right. Yes! Finally, like coming home.

It’s not radically different from what we’ve been doing all along, but it has developed into a living organism that reveals something new every time we listen.

The context of our music.

The books that dive deeper into the nature and surroundings inspiring us endlessly – lore, tales and poems. And the art that, that at long last, welcomes the beholder into our realm.

Guess we’ve been dancing in the forest all along, just didn’t know how to take you with us.

Love, lore and werifesteria,
Anneli and Nicko of Enchanted Duo