New brushes, new techniques – and fae creatures

We all have people we admire, and I’m no exception. Ross Tan is one of my favourite artists, especially his tutorials and the way he works with digital art. Super inspiring! So, yeah, I know I’m not just starting out… Even if it feels like it at times. I’ve been drawing since childhood. And I’ve tried drawing on the computer on and off. I just love drawing hair for example. But mostly I work with photo collaging and adding in painted elements, sometimes acrylic (like Idur), sometimes water colour (like the Elven reading nook) and sometimes just pure digital art.

I’ve been thinking for a while to invest in Ross Tan’s photoshop brush kit, and finally got to the point where I did. And yes, yes, yes! I’m in love. This is going to be so fun. And an unexpected bonus is that I’m suddenly super inspired to start creating my own brushes too. There’s like tons of settings that do awesome things. Combining tech, art and love.

So, my Fae beast under the willow tree is the first picture using Ross Tan’s photoshop brush kit (and some other favourites…) I love how everything came together, like the tree, the roots. I’ve never drawn a tree trunk like this before either. And I just wanted this feeling of a creature sitting underneath the root system, hidden from sight, but contributing with its special magic nonetheless.

The flower was meant to be this creature’s tail… Not sure it really looks like this, but oh, well…

New brushes,

Elven reading nook
My Scandinavian elf, Idur
Fae beast under the tree1900w