Sätra brunn, a breath of history, old memories and music

For hundreds of years the freshwater springs in Sätra brunn have been important to the surrounding villages, or travellers passing by. The water here is filled with minerals, among them iron which colours everything yellow… Back in the day it was a tradition to every year, after the long winter, clean the spring and dress it with green, such as birch twigs and branches, perhaps made an offering to the water nymph, sang and danced, and of course drank from the health-bringing water.

The year 1700 the doctor Samuel Skragge discovered Sätra brunn, and after trying it for himself he bought the area and founded the retreat in Sätra brunn. As it turned out, Samuel Skragge discovered many springs in his days, but informed his relatives letter wise that the springs in Sätra brunn were among the most beautiful.

Enchanted Duo by the 'Bride spring', or perhaps wishing well...
Enchanted Duo by the ‘Bride spring’, or perhaps wishing well…

This area with preserved old houses, Spa, gym and culture is such a peaceful place to visit. In 2007, I think, we had a concert here, and so we brought the guitar, looked at the summer scenery, and drank from the Trinity spring (‘dricka brunn’ as you say in Swedish).

With love and health-bringing spring water,

Enchanted Duo’s concert in Sätra brunn 2007

And here’s an old recording from the concert we had in Sätra brunn. Just for the fun of it and if you’re curious 🙂

Most of the songs we played are from Divine collection (2007), which you can find in our Tunes from the realm bundle.