Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I was in school, I hated Valentine’s Day… Yeah, I know, but I’m sure many did with me. It was the day when my classmates would buy roses and send love letters, and the popular kids would get showered in ‘valentines’ – and me?

I wasn’t popular enough to ever receive anything. Sometimes my friends and I made cute cards for each other. I think I also sent a note or two at some point, but it was no use. Unrequited love and all that. Nowadays, I kind of think it was all for the best. That back then when I was fifteen I was too young and sensitive to let another person in – no matter how fervently I longed for a boyfriend.

I read a bit about Valentine’s Day, just because I wanted to know. (And yeah, it was a bit of research for My Funny Dragon Valentine too…)

There was a saint a very long time ago, who when imprisoned sent a love letter. Not sure if any of this is true, but it’s what the legend says. This note is what has later become known as ‘valentines’ – the cards and gifts sent on this day.

But not all parts of the world look at this practise with a friendly eye. Albeit, a Christian saint from the beginning, this is more of a commercial practise than a religious one. Still, understandable, where other religions dominate Valentine’s Day is not necessarily received with open arms. I also read that in some countries these public displays of affection are not appreciated either, which is another reason this day might be banned.

Do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Sometimes. Just buying a bouquet of roses might cheer cold February up. And a few extra kisses keeps a relationship healthy and strong.

In February there’s still snow,
And no roses grow.

My heart may beat a little faster
As I recognise the dark phasing out.

A couple of months with cold breaths still remain,
Until spring rings the doorbell in May.

Already, my heart is celebrating
The return of the light,
To begin a new cycle of life.

With love,