My Funny Dragon Valentine

Yay, it’s February… Well, what can I say. Writing a Valentine inspired book means it’s been like February for at least half a year now… So, it’s surreal that the month in question has come at last.

At first I thought this book would go into the Werifesteria Elemental Novels Series, but then I realised the tone of voice feels different and decided that this is more of a spin-off. We’re back in the Elemental Realm – or fae – or whatever you choose to call this in-between place filled with creatures from myth and folklore. 

So, I give you My Funny Dragon Valentine

Nathalie is having the worst day of her life. Feeling forced to leave her job after a thoroughly embarrassing money incident, she gets to the apartment complex, of which she’s the unfortunate owner – when one of her discontented neighbours takes a shot at her. Now the police are knocking on her mother’s door, saying Nathalie’s been kidnapped – which isn’t too far off. But how do you tell your mother that you’re forty and old enough to take care of yourself when your new travel companions happen to be dragons, and you’ve accidentally ended up in a parallel enchanted world?

Hallhegan’s lair is finished. It only took him a few aeons or more – he didn’t really keep track. But the Elemental Realm has changed. Where are all the female dragons, for starters? That’s when his old, trusted friend, Heelaie, suggests a path he hadn’t even considered.

Dragons, gumption, a strong heroine, a gazebo-sized Mossarium, enchanted moss, trolls, druids, and spells – and Valentine in an unexpected wrapping.

Paranormal romance, transcendental fantasy and all that.

Dragons and Valentine,

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My Funny Dragon Valentine is available in our shop on Amazon.