Tell me more about Werifesteria

So, we keep talking about Werifesteria, but what is Werifesteria?

Werifesteria means to head into the forest looking for adventure, and we love this word because this is just what we do, where we’re taking you. Let the forest speak, reveal its stories, perhaps entice your own. It’s a journey of healing, understanding, patience and wonder. At times I can’t resist calling it magic, even if it’s really there in front of my eyes all the time. But, it takes time to change one’s perspective.

Werifesteria is an ongoing art project from Enchanted Duo – and you’re part of this too.

The paths and the roots are something we explore together. We in us and you in you. Art is a process in each of us, and art takes time. Healing takes time.

The music – the soundscape that embraces you

Werifesteria began with the songs. A full-length album – and the recording process takes time. Because as we’re diving into the soundscape, hiring musicians, working with studios and our own instruments and voices, each song has a mind of its own. It talks to us. There’s always a deeper message, and then layers upon layers of fun, inspiration and musical humour. And this takes time to discover. With every new instrument something new becomes tangible. 

There are six singles out for you to enjoy, and four more songs finished (yay!).

 Enjoy the singles:

We have five more songs to complete, and out of these five two are close to done.

We’re having a lot of fun working with pros like Morgan Ågren, Marco Minnemann and Mohini Dey. They surprise us every time and you learn more about your own music in these collaborations than you would just going at it alone. Learning by doing, I guess.

Musik till hemsida _ashes rel_800w

The stories – the folklore, the symbolism and the inner transformations

Want to get deeper into the symbolism, the folklore and the nature mysticism? Well, then the stories might be for you. They are each different aspects of inner transformation, collaborating with and finding soul mates or soul family, the deeper bonds we feel instantly but can’t quite explain. 

Writing, even reading, is like acting in private.

I love stepping into different characters and be them for a bit. Learn from them and discover corners of myself through their journeys.

The Werifesteria Elemental Series is a fantasy series. The first three volumes (Little bird lost, The raven in her heart and Queen of mud and time) are published, and there are more volumes on the way. You can read more about the series here.

Books_hemsida3_grape rel_800w

The nature poetry – the little miracles that surround us

I stumbled upon the genre ‘transcendental poetry’ and thought it rather fitting. Then, not long ago, I read about nature writing – and I suppose the poetry is both. Nature poetry. The voice of Mother Nature herself.

The little wonders and miracles that surround us every day – if only we see them.

I’ve always loved the poets from the Romantic Movement who used nature, seasons and weather to symbolise the inner cosmos, our feelings and our depths. 

Here’s Tree Kisses, to teach you to dance with trees and discover some of the forests many mysteries. Meetings, thoughts and a lot of heart, and the more recent Grape Flowers, filled with nature summer observations and thoughts.

And here’s the neat e-book accompanying the song “Gotta surrender” exploring the wild woman.

And more coming… 🙂

The art – the landscapes of our soul

And then the Werifesteria art.

I’m experimenting these days to find the perfect expression. The perfect mixture between video, acrylic, photo and digital art. Because it’s as if I haven’t really seen what I’m looking for. Do you feel like this sometimes? The picture in your mind is unfinished and waiting for the right tools, the right mixture – the right moment. It’s try and fail, try and fail, try and fail and then try to finally succeed. And all the failed attempts were leading to the successful one. 

A little frustrating, but just like everything else – it’s a process.


Just like the music and the words, art has its own ways of reaching corners and depths in ourselves. Whether creating or watching.

We’re linked – and we’re all creators. 

Right now you can enjoy the art here on our web site, on book covers and CD covers. Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to offer art in more formats. 

Love and blessings,

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